Lawsuit Cash Advance

Surgery Funding is a full-service pre-settlement funding company. We have several financial products specifically designed to enable personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs and injured accident victims to maximize recovery. 

From lawsuit cash advances to legal financing for medical treatment, we are here to help you recover and live comfortably while going through the lawsuit settlement process, waiting for your case to resolve.

Surgery Funding provides fast lawsuit cash advance, pre-settlement lawsuit funding, litigation financing, surgery lawsuit funding, and post settlement funding for plaintiffs (settled case funding).

If you are currently going through the litigation process and need help staying afloat and paying your bills and other financial obligation then a lawsuit cash advance may be your best pre-settlement funding solution.

Pre Settlement Funding

Our pre-settlement cash advances help plaintiff pay their bills while waiting from their lawsuit to resolve. This financial product is designed to level the playing field against the greedy insurance companies and big corporate defendants.

We provide pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance funding from as a little as $1,000 to as high as $150,000. The amount of funding you may qualify depends upon the type of case you have, the injuries you have sustained, the type of medical treatment, and the amount of insurance the responsible party had in place at the time of the accident.

As with all of our financial products, there is no credit check, no out of pocket expenses, and up front cost, and no employment requirement.

Lawsuit Funding for Injury Plaintiffs

If you are starting to fall behind on your monthly expenses and feeling financial pressure to settle your injury case prematurely so you can get fast cash, please know that you have other viable options.

A lawsuit plaintiff cash advance get you fast cash now, so you pay your bills and expenses and continue fighting the defendant or insurance company for all the money you deserve for your pain and suffering. can use the lawsuit funding for whatever they need.

At The Surgery Funding Company, we advance cash on pending personal injury, workers compensation, wrongful death, and medical malpractice cases.


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