Pre Settlement Funding for Medical Treatment

Surgery Funding is a national lawsuit funding company financial services to lawsuit plaintiffs, medical providers, doctors, injury attorney, as well as accident victims who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Our Surgery Funding Company is one of the nation's leading providers of medical treatment lawsuit funding, commonly referred to as pre-settlement funding for medical treatment. The financial option is designed for those plaintiffs who do not have health insurance or adequate medical coverage but need financial assistance paying for medical treatment.

If you have been been hurt because of someone else's negligence, recklessness, or careless and have retained a lawyer to represent you in a claim or lawsuit, we can get you the cash you need to pay for your medical treatment, rehabilitation, or surgery.

There is no credit check, no out of pocket fees, no up-front fees, and no monthly payments. Best of all, if your attorney does not win or settle your injury case, there is no obligation to pay back the funding advance.

Rehabilitative Services Lawsuit Funding

At Surgery Funding, we work closely with the personal injury legal community and the medical community.

Medical treatment lawsuit financing has helped thousands of personal injury accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs get the medical treatment they urgently required. Our medical treatment funding option is the financial solution for personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs who need to undergo surgery, diagnostic services, chiropractic care, pain management treatment, or long term rehabilitation.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is a not a bank loan and does not require a credit check.  Pre settlement funding is a risk-free or non-recourse cash advance on a pending lawsuit or bodily injury claim. It is simply a monetary advance in exchange for an interest in the proceeds of a future/potential settlement, judgment, or claim-paid.

Medical Financing for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

Personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs who do not have health insurance, medical payments coverage (Med-Pay), no fault auto insurance (No-fault), or personal injury protection benefits (PIP) can benefit from medical treatment lawsuit financing.

Medical treatment lawsuit funding was borne of necessity. The need for medical treatment funding has increased significantly over the years. Millions of Americans are uninsured and those who do have some type of medical insurance are paying more money toward their insurance payments yet seeing a drastic reduction in coverage. Our medical treatment lawsuit funding program was designed to meet the needs of uninsured and underinsured patients and financially disadvantaged lawsuit plaintiffs.

Our medical treatment settlement funding program is available to accident victims in about 44 States nationwide. We offer Florida medical treatment lawsuit funding, New Jersey medical treatment settlement funding, Texas medical treatment lawsuit funding, Atlanta medical treatment pre-settlement funding, California medical treatment lawsuit funding, Georgia medical treatment settlement funding, Connecticut medical treatment lawsuit funding, and New York medical treatment lawsuit funding. Contact Surgery Funding today if you have any questions regarding getting legal funding for medical treatment or a surgical procedure.

Qualifying is fairly easy. All you have to do is apply online today or give us a call. We will do the rest, including working your lawyer and getting additional information.

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