Surgery Lawsuit Funding

The Surgery Funding Company is a leading pre-settlement lawsuit funding company that specializes in providing financial assistance to lawsuit plaintiffs needing help in paying for their next surgical procedure.

Because of the plaintiff surgery lawsuit funding program, thousands of uninsured and underinsured accident victims have been able to get the medical operation and rehabilitative services they needed to start on their road to recovery from the injuries brought on by the negligent act of another party.

Surgery lawsuit funding is the fast and easy way for plaintiffs to get financing to pay the cost and fees associated with a medically necessary surgical procedure. Our program is usually a much faster and simpler payment option than traditional surgery loans.

With surgery lawsuit funding, there is no credit check, no up-front fees, no out of pocket fees, no job / employment requirements, and no monthly payment. Our decision is primarily based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding your pending injury case and not your credit score or credit history. Best of all, pre settlement funding for surgery is risk-free to lawsuit plaintiffs!  What that means is the plaintiff is obligated to pay back the lawsuit cash advance only if and when the personal injury case is settled.

Surgical Pre-Settlement Funding

Serious accidents and defective products can cause devastating and permanent injuries. Far too often, lawsuit plaintiff don't get the full extent of the medical treatment they require due to lack of health insurance or insufficient medical coverage.

The surgery lawsuit funding is the pre-settlement funding option for uninsured injury victims who have been hurt because of someone else's negligence, recklessness, or carelessness and are awaiting a lawsuit settlement. Surgical pre-settlement funding is a non-recourse lawsuit advance that pays for any medically necessary surgical procedure or medical treatment that is directly and casually related to the accident.

Surgery lawsuit funding is a not a bank loan. It works by advancing the money required for the plaintiff to undergo the operation and treatment by paying the doctor and treatment providers directly.

Surgery Funding Company for Lawsuit Plaintiffs

The Surgery Funding Company works directly with accident victims, personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs, attorneys, medical providers, and tort law firm. Furthermore, we are authorized to provide surgery lawsuit funding, medical lien purchase, and pre-settlement funding for medical treatment in approximately 44 States.

If you are going through the lawsuit process and your doctor has recommended that your undergo a medical procedure to treat an injury sustained in a car accident, slip and fall, ceiling collapse, trip and fall accident, or by a defective product then Surgery Funding can speak with you to discuss the financial options available to you.

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